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A lot of you know what Le Vian’s pop-up shops are and you have already visited them before. For those of you who still don’t know what they are and what you can find there, here’s the low down on these amazing events.


Even if you have no interest in buying jewelry, you should come to the store to gawk at the beautiful pieces of art that the family regularly creates and has been creating for the last five hundred years. Yes, you read that just right. Five. Hundred. Years.

Le Vian jewelers have been in the market since the 15th century. That is when Nadir Shah brought back the famous Kohinoor diamond after conquering India and entrusted the Le Vian family for its safekeeping. The Kohinoor diamond is the largest ruby ever to be discovered. There is a definite history lesson to be learnt here. Trust us! Your curiosity will get the better of you.

Turn the clock to 1950, and you’ll find Mr. Abdul Rahim Ephraim Le Vian immigrating to the United States from Persia and starting his own business in New York. He wanted to work with the finest gemstones available in the world.

Fast forward again and you’ll find now that Eddie Le Vian and his brothers and sisters now hold Le Vian Jewelry and have really brought it from its humble beginnings to the 21st century. The House of Le Vian has now become a household name, especially with its continuous appearance on the red carpet.


At Le Vian, you’ll find thousands of pieces of one-of-a-kind and limited jewelery. They show different types and styles in different Le Vian shows. They make sure to keep it all exclusive. That way you can be sure that what you have is really yours and no one else possesses it.

Le Vian have made their mark on the industry by their constant creativity and ingenuity. Their exceptionally talented design team comes up with more than 2000 unique designs every month. Out of all those, around 500 make it to production. Because of their creativity and their constantly changing designs, they have made a name for themselves as the trendsetters in the jewelry industry. The celebrities especially like them and never miss a chance to show off their personal Le Vian creations.


When you buy a Le Vian product, you can rest assured that it is the highest quality gemstone integrated with unique and creative craftsmanship. Le Vian has searched through all types of diamonds and gemstones before settling on the highest quality natural fancy color Chocolate Diamonds®. They only accept the highest quality diamonds and have set the standard range at C4-C7 only.


This is the promise that Le Vian makes when you make a purchase. Not only do they guarantee the quality but they also document each piece with a certificate of authenticity and warranty. But that’s not all. You also have the opportunity to come to the Le Vian shows and trade your piece for another. This is another benefit for you as you can change your jewelry whenever you want.

Look out for the upcoming shows near you and RSVP as soon as possible as the tickets sell out quickly. Get your pieces cleaned and avail special discounts if you want to purchase more or maybe replace the one you have with a newer one.

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