Tips To Style Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

Tips To Style Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

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If you are crazy about jewelry like majority of the girls out there, you wouldn’t have missed out on chocolate diamond jewelry rage. Although newly-hyped, chocolate diamonds are capturing the market by storm. Women all across the world are loving the idea of a different shade diamond in a fraction of price of white diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds are, in real, brown diamonds. But because of Le Vian’s extraction process and the high quality of diamonds extracted from the Argyle mine in Australia, these diamonds are now branded as chocolate diamonds. They even look as delicious as they sound.

Can I wear chocolate diamond jewelry on my engagement?

Of course, you can! One of the main reasons why chocolate diamonds have swept all other forms of diamond out of the market is its ability to replace white diamonds on engagements/weddings. Although white diamonds are rare, exist as the most expensive diamond and are white in color, chocolate diamonds have emerged as the preferred choice of millennial women because of its uniqueness, delicate designs and the low price tag. An increasing number of people are now marrying over the chocolate diamond promise. The trend has ignited majorly because renowned celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, etc. have been seen flaunting their chocolate diamond jewelry in style.

Tips to style chocolate diamond jewelry

Let’s have a look at some of the ways to style beautiful chocolate diamond jewelry that becomes a fashion statement.

  • Wear a delicate ring to a casual event

Chocolate diamond rings are delicate, beautiful and different. If you are heading to a casual party, evening tea or to a sports event in your child’s school, flaunt a subtle chocolate diamond ring to suit the nature of the event.

  • Stunning earrings and necklace to give an understated look

If you wish to opt for an understated look, wear a simple dress with unique chocolate diamond earrings and necklace and make your hair in a bun. Your jewelry will make you look extravagant without making the entire look glitzy.

  • Shiny pair of bracelets for a glamourous event

Just like how Beyoncé flaunted the sparkly bracelets in an Oscar event, put up a formal dress and pair it up with marvelous yet intricate chocolate diamond bracelets. To add more extravagance, you can wear chocolate diamond earrings to suit the attire and the event.

  • Bold chocolate diamond necklaces

Another way to opt for the understated look is to wear a subtle dress with a bold statement chocolate diamond necklace to add glamour to the attire.

Get bespoke jewelry & add a touch of magnificence to your soul

Let the magic of deep brown hues bring variety to your ornaments. Get stunning chocolate diamond jewelry designed for yourself to vamp up your wardrobe and speak volumes with your style. We, at Le Vian Corporation, are masters in producing fine-quality jewelry pieces that are of the highest quality, intricate and do not cost an arm and a leg.