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It seems like just yesterday that we saw Prince Harry proposing to the gorgeous Meghan markle with a stunning trilogy engagement ring. After months of speculation, the duo finally announced the engagement on 27th November 2017. Just six months later, on 19th May 2018, we saw the couple tying the knot at the ceremony which took place at the Windsor Castle. Now, the couple can be seen with their first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


Meghan’s engagement ring that was already pretty unique as it was a custom design that Prince Harry had made for her. It was already different than what the other members of the Royal Family, according to Eddie LeVian, CEO of the House of Le Vian, from the Chocolate Diamonds® fame. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the custom ring that Meghan possesses is the most famous contemporary engagement ring in the world.

First Prince Harry designed the trilogy engagement ring for her with the centre gem from Botswana and two diamonds on either side that he chose from his mother, Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection. This way he not only acknowledged the history, but also linked it to the future by having it in a unique and custom design. It was a timeless and more importantly symbolic piece of jewelry. This was Prince Harry’s way of passing on the past to the future.

The Duchess of Sussex has been really outspoken about issues that concern her. She has a very modern attitude and showed it in the way that she updated her ring after just a year of the wedding.


Prince Harry’s selection of a diamond from Botswana was a decision that delighted a lot of people. Diamonds were discovered in Botswana in the late 1960s and they are an important source of the country’s revenue.

These diamonds have enabled the government to take care of a lot of things like schools, roads, hospitals, and the government’s fight against HIV.


When the 37-year old Duchess of Sussex re-designed the ring, she never knew that it would become a sensation because of its uniqueness and exclusivity. The design is so personal, that nobody has anything like it.


But that is about to change. What Meghan Markle did with her engagement ring has set a trend that everyone who is anyone is showing interest in. It has taken the world by storm.

Meghan’s ring has an antique cushion-cut diamond.  A cushion-cut diamond is completely bespoke and is crafted individually so that it could achieve the maximum brilliance.

People, especially women really want this for themselves. Something that they can call their own. Something that no one has but them. Something that is exclusive in its shape and thus radiates a charm that only they possess.

Meghan Markle is one of the most celebrated and liked members of the Royal Family. People have not only fallen in love with her Cinderella story, but also, her engagement ring, which has gone through a few changes has become a huge inspiration for the designs of engagement rings for the women who are getting engaged.

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