Everything You Should Know About Email Verification

Everything You Should Know About Email Verification

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As associate marketers, we have a range of tools in our toolbox to reach our existing and potential customers.  From so many effective tools, email marketing is one of the efficient tools that help us immediately reach our target market.   In order to directly reach to our target customers, we need to ensure hygiene of our email list. In other words, we need to make sure that our email list is clean.  Enter Neverbounce – email verification system efficiently improving your deliverability and sender reputation. Want to know everything about email verification?  Lets dive into details:

  What is Email Verification? 

Email Verification is a process by which it is determined if a list of e-mail addresses is valid and capable of receiving and sending messaging over the Internet. It is offered as service software, which can be paid or free and as it was well said its function is to generate an address analysis, to identify its ability to send and deliver, and with this verify if these addresses are valid.

 Significance of the Tool

Most online websites have web forms that ask the customer for the data along with the email address. By filling out this form, either deliberately or by mistake, users can enter an invalid email address. If messages are sent to those email addresses, the bounce emails ratio will be very large and this will negatively affect the reputation of the mail server, which is constantly monitored by Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and other providers.

The bad reputation of your mail server will result in a blacklist by the most popular email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, among others. This being the case, the identification and deletion of invalid email addresses, is essential when you are planning to send marketing campaigns to email addresses, such as newsletters and news. In this case, email verification will ensure that the email list is clean and properly validated, and helps reduce resource costs, save hard earned money and valuable time.

Precisely this technique helps fight spam by certifying that the email is valid. Also, it is an effective, fast and effective method that ends spam war because it harms both users, consumers and companies.

This tool is basically used to certify if a mail account is working or not. It does it in a very simple way. Once registered and approved on the web, you just have to enter an email account in the tester and email account validator.  It will automatically provide information on whether the mail, the mail server and even the DNS configuration of the mail server are validated and correct.

There are more antispam tools on the market, but all require a high configuration, or have a very high cost, and are complex or you have to invest a lot of time in them to be able to implement them. However, it proposes a much simpler method than those that currently exist. Also, this tool in a quick way can tell you if an email is correct.

What better way to fight against spam? There are many tools in the market, but certainly as simple as this, there is none, so it is highly recommended.