Common Misconceptions About Using Mobile Apps Marketing

Common Misconceptions About Using Mobile Apps Marketing

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The market of mobile app is getting huger with amazingly fast growing technology. It would not be wrong to say that the usage of mobile apps have revolutionized the way people use their mobile phones. Whether a person has to watch TV, play games, read books, read news, check weather updates or search an online restaurant, tourist points or any sports club—like everything can be done in the simplest manner with the help of mobile apps. The unbelievable rise in the usage of mobile apps has also changed the way of marketing. The usage of mobile marketing apps for the growth of a business has always been one of the hottest topics to discuss.
There are many mobile app marketing agencies who provide or work on various mobile marketing apps to advertise the products and services. For mobile apps marketing agencies and businesses, they have become a great source of connecting with the targeted audience. But since every great technology is subjected to some misconceptions, the usage of mobile app marketing is also attached with various misconceptions. These misconceptions, if perceived can completely turn off the users which is absolutely a threat to your mobile app marketing strategy.

However, there are many ways to prevent these misconceptions related to the development of mobile app marketing.

In this article, we have listed some of the most common misconceptions about using mobile app marketing, read on to find out.

The Installation rates are criteria for the success of mobile marketing plan

It is a misconception for mobile app marketing agencies to consider that great number of downloads is the yardstick against which they can measure the success of their mobile app marketing strategy or plan.

High Number of downloads on your app doesn’t define its level of success, there are many chances that the user downloads your app but never uses it. According to a survey conducted lately, it was found that nearly 4 million apps every year get downloaded but are hardly used. That’s why a mobile app marketing company shouldn’t restrict its strategy to get the maximum number of downloads. The real success of app marketing is depended on its usage and positive feedback of the users.

The Non-inclusion of analytics

Producing a product/service and marketing it to the larger number of audiences is a whole new challenging game. Therefore the feature of analytics in applications enables the mobile app marketing agency to figure out which category of audiences is more beneficial for the business.

Sending away lengthy and frequent notifications

Many app marketing agencies and marketers prefer regularly sending away the push notifications regarding the updates and offers. They believe that sending notifications is the only way to engage the users. But that is just a misconception, actually by doing so, the audience may get irritated by receiving unwanted notifications. The marketers should consider sending notifications only on special occasions, or for great offers at appropriate intervals for the successful mobile app marketing campaign.