5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Yummy Chocolate Diamonds

5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Yummy Chocolate Diamonds

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Delicious-looking, sparkling and present in deep hues of brown, chocolate diamonds exist as the latest Fad hitting the ornament industry. Contrary to popular belief, these diamonds exist naturally deep inside the earth and under high pressure change to their dark color. This implies that chocolate diamonds occur naturally and are not man-made in a lab.

Busting the misconception

A lot of people still regard chocolate diamonds as fake diamonds. This is, however, untrue. Chocolate diamonds are as much a diamond as white diamonds. It only differs in color, value and price. Today, the market is full of chocolate diamonds, rings, bracelets, etc. Since this gemstone occur in a number of places, it comes under everyone’s budget.

5 things you probably didn’t know about Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing facts of Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds you probably didn’t know of:

  • 40,000 chocolate diamond jewelry pieces are sold each year

In a short span of time, Le Vian has established itself as a renowned brown diamond jeweler in the town, from making a few hundred pieces per year to 40,000 pieces supported by a $10 million budget. These 40,000 pieces include different chocolate diamond pieces sold within the store and outsourced stores.

  • Almost 300 times/year, celebrities are seen flaunting chocolate diamond jewelry

Because of Le Vian’s magnificent designs, a lot of celebrities from Scarlett Johansson to Michelle Obama are seen flaunting chocolate diamond jewelry for big to small events. The company takes price in their designs and cuts. Chocolate diamond necklace, rings and bracelets are made after lots of design research.

  • Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds are hoping to reinvent watches

The company is looking to transform the watches industry with unique watch offerings. Since Le Vian specializes in beautiful cuts and trendy designs, they are looking to start offering chocolate diamond watches to leave the idea of boring watches behind.

  • Chocolate diamond engagement and wedding rings are sold 23% more than other diamonds

To fulfil diamond wishes and promises, endless number of people are opting for chocolate diamond engagement and wedding rings. Recent study claims that about 23% of chocolate diamonds rings are sold more than other diamonds. The main reason behind this is the low cost attributed to this type of diamond and Le Vian’s evergreen beautiful designs.

  • Chocolate diamonds charge half the price of white diamonds

These diamonds costs about half the price of white diamonds. Anyone would like a beautiful & unique jewelry piece that doesn’t even cost a large amount, right?

Complement your wardrobe with unique designs

A unique chocolate diamonds, ring, bracelets, etc. is just a few steps away. Le Vian corporation offers mind-blowing chocolate diamond jewelry designs that attracts the eyes of the buyer. We use only highest quality of diamonds in our jewelry to ensure our customers enjoy a brilliant experience. Contact us for beautiful yet pocket-friendly chocolate diamond jewelry to grace your special occasion.